morris argument of the exodus of the palestinian refugees write a paper of 5 pages t 3752540

Morris’ Argument of the Exodus of the Palestinian Refugees

Write a paper of 5 pages that responds to the following question:An argument is a proposition or claim, supported by evidence along with reasoning that the evidence is logical for supporting the claim. Benny Morris makes a compelling argument about the causes of the exodus from Palestine in 1947-49 whereby 750,000 became refugees, unable to return to their homes and property.What are the main propositions of Morris’ argument and what is his assessment of the relationship between “transfer thinking” among Zionist leaders, and the actual exodus of Palestinian refugees in 1947-49? What, according to Morris’s critics, are the weaknesses of his argument? Frame your paper in the form of an argument about Morris and his critics.

Please use only the sources I listed and the PPT I have attached.

write it as simple as you can.


Ben-Ami, Shlomo (2007).Scars of War, Wounds of Peace. London:Weidenfeld and Nicholson [pp. 42-48].Also watch the first 5 minutes of this video:

Shlaim, Avi (2001).The Iron Wall:Israel and the Arab World. New York:W.W. Norton [pp. 11-27].

BBC Hardtalk (2014).Interview with Ilan Pappe.

[Watch first 13 minutes).

Morris, Benny (2007).Revisiting the Palestinian Exodus of 1948.The War for Palestine.Eugene L. Rogan and Avi Shlaim, eds.Cambridge:Cambridge University Press [pp. 37-59]. [Listed under the title of the book]

Masalha, Nur (1991).“A Critique of Benny Morris,” Journal of Palestine Studies Vol. 21 (1): 90-97.

Film:Kedma (directed by Amos Gitai, 2002)

Yitzhar, S. (1948).Khirbet Khizeh.Jerusalem:Ibis Editions, 2008 [pp. 7, 29-38, 104-113]

Rose, Jacqueline (2011).Re-reading Khirbet Khizeh by S. Yitzhar.Guardian.

Kershner, Isabel (2013).“Photographs Tell a History of Palestinians Unmoored.”New York Times.



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