modify the program pipe1 cpp topipe1a cpp so that it accepts a command e g ls l from 5121699

Modify the program pipe1.cpp topipe1a.cpp so that it accepts a command (e.g. “ls-l”) from the keyboard. For example, when you execute “./pipe1a ps-auxw”, it should give you the same output aspipe1.cpp //pipe1.cpp





#include using namespace std; int main()


FILE *fpi; //for reading a pipe char buffer[BUFSIZ+1]; //BUFSIZ defined in int chars_read;

memset ( buffer, 0,sizeof(buffer)); //clear buffer

fpi = popen ( “ps -auxw”, “r” ); //pipe to command “ps -auxw”

if ( fpi != NULL ) {

    //read data from pipe into buffer

    chars_read = fread(buffer, sizeof(char), BUFSIZ,fpi );

    if ( chars_read > 0 )


    pclose ( fpi ); //close the pipe

    return 0;

} return 1;

} . . .

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