micronet consulting wants you to create a 10base t hub star based ethernet in the ri 5188536

MicroNet Consulting wants you to create a 10base-T hub star based Ethernet in the Riverbed Modeler using Rapid Configuration. You can use Ethernet_wkstn as the periphery node model i.e. as the hosts/Ethernet stations, and 10base T link model to connect hosts to the hub. Use interarrival time between packets to be exponentially distributed with a mean of 0.02 sec. First have 10 ethernet node stations connected to it.

Evaluate the performance of the 10base-T Ethernet in terms of throughput vs delay for packet sizes of constant distribution for each of the following two packet sizes: 512 bytes, and 1500 bytes. Make sure you apply the same traffic distribution to each of the hosts/Ethernet stations. Then repeat the same for 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 stations.

Use graphs wherever required in the questions below:
(i) In your opinion what is the purpose of network simulation? What are the different simulation tools available (max up to 4) and state their advantages and disadvantages.

(ii) Capture the graph of throughput vs delay for one of the two packet sizes and explain the nature (shape) of the throughput vs delay graph as the load on the Ethernet is increased. What is the load in this case?

(iii) From the graph of throughput vs delay for 1500 bytes packet size and stations ranging from 10 up to 80 in increments of 10 how would you determine the optimal number of Ethernet stations that could be supported on the 10base T Ethernet hub?

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