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Legal Research and Writing

Attorneys write a client opinion letter to a client to give legal opinions or to repeat case related information previously discussed with the client. In this week’s learning activities, you were introduced to the purpose and use of client opinion letters. Please respond to all of the following prompts:

  • What are the most important factors to remember when drafting a client letter?
  • How might an attorney commit an ethics violation when writing to a client?
  • If you had to draft a letter to a client when you knew there was a good chance of the client losing her case, how would you go about drafting the letter?
  • Does your state’s bar association have rules that govern an attorney’s letter to a client?





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When an attorney is writing an opinion letter, it is important to remember the responsibilities that are present in relation to the case. This part should explain the different responsibilities that fall under the different people. The second is on the issue of facts around the case. This helps the client to be able to understand what exactly they are dealing with in relation to the case. Lastly, the attorney must be able to give his or her recommendations (Bast and Hawkins, 2013). This is an…..


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