Leadership Writing

Assume that your boss (real or imagined) has asked you to prepare a business report on 11/04/2019which will be shared at the next executive meeting. In this report s/he wants you to answer the following question:

How leaders with different gender affect their employees and how employees feel about the gender of their leader, as this could be a good positive effect on the company or a negative effect. Please make sure you talk about culture and power.
Write the paper using APA style with between 10 and 12 citations and references, in addition to the textbook, including several peer reviewed references. All sources MUST HAVE: authors, publication dates, and publishers. “Anonymous” authors, undated sources will not be accepted as valid sources and marks will be deducted.

The paper should be at least 2000-2250 words (9-10 pages), Should follow a standard format including an introduction and conclusions, and should exhibit good

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