journal 3 a prompt examine case 13 2 p 214 216 involving ceo cynthia jonas and consi 3589267

Journal 3.a. Prompt

Examine Case 13.2 (p. 214-216) involving CEO Cynthia Jonas, and consider the scenario in which you CEO Jonas’ newly-hired Executive Coach. Answer Case Questions 1, 2, & 3, paying particular attention to the concept of how her current management of the team in meetings is diminishing collaboration and eating away at group cohesiveness (hint: this serves as an in-road in getting buy in from ). Reflect on any personal/professional instances in which you have been a member of a team that appeared to function similarly to CEO Jonas’ group in this case. What were the implications with regard to collaboration and group cohesiveness in that instance? Finally, reframe (in other words, “re-do”) the recommendations you made to CEO Jonas’ as her Executive Coach, but now from the position of a subordinate high-level leader who is supervised BY CEO Jonas’ and is a part of this team, who is seeking to address the same concerns. This time, however, you will need to take into consideration the stylistic changes and differences in your approach given your relative position as a subordinate, versus an equal.

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