It is the ethical and legal duty of every citizen to save human life hence the hospital should be allowed to perform the transfusion

Choose a post that interests you, and respond to it. But for this post, you no longer represent the hospital. Now, you represent Ms. R. E. Fusal. What arguments would you tell the judge on her behalf? What are your issues with the arguments presented to the judge by the hospital in Post 1?

Respond to this post:

It is the right of a patient to refuse treatment is the fundamental right of a patient even in the psychiatric treatments. In this case the patient appears to be sane but is refusing treatment which may even cause her death. Therefore there is an ethical and legal dilemma present in this issue. But as the life of the patient is in danger hence the following arguments can be provided to the attorney

  1. The refusal of treatment by the patient can cost her life, and intentionally endangering one’s life is illegal hence the hospital should be allowed to perform the transfusion.
  2. It is the ethical and legal duty of every citizen to save human life hence the hospital should be allowed to perform the transfusion
  3. This is not a psychiatric case

The hospital’s rationale for requiring the patient to take treatment is that the hospital has an ethical duty to protect the life of a patient. The hospital knowingly cannot endanger the life of a patient and act neutral in this condition.

Ms. Fusal is refusing to accept a blood transfusion. The only ethical dilemma is her beliefs (spiritual or religious or biomedical) and to compensate his hemorrhage via blood transfusion. It is essential to obtain written informed consent by respecting human for good medical practice and legal aspects considered when patient has freedom to reject or to accept medical therapies (ethical dilemma) even into death. Legally it is important to maintain patient confidentiality. The hospital attorney is preparing for a court hearing where the judge will determine whether to order the transfusion or enforce the patient’s refusal. It is patient decision whether he has to accept treatment or to reject treatment until he has any mental impairment to make a legal decision thereby it is crucial to respect patient autonomy.

The major arguments that need to put in front of hospital attorney is that she will compulsory die if she is not given blood via blood transfusion. However, it is patient’s legal rights to get either treatment or not in the health care facility under physician advice. Patients have specific rights to considerate, respectful treatment. The hospital rationale for requiring to provide adequate information about the treatment & benefit of the treatment including safer ethical based care with complete fidelity. Hospital health -care professionals should follow Informatics-based nursing practice should follow ethical principle when rendering service to patients as part of code of professional conduct. The ethical issues raised with patient’s health must be respected and registered clinical nurse must have non-maleficence to make sure that they do not harm patients with imperfect service when blood transfusion. Patients should be well informed with possible outcome when blood transfusion performed for the illness she is suffering. It is crucial to educate him and to convince him to administer blood because she is hemorrhaging. Ethically, it is important to physician to provide him efficient therapy by examining him and asking him to sleep. On the other hand, health care professional should respect his religious beliefs. It is essential to provide him immediate treatment by respecting his ethical and religious beliefs because he is under severe colostomy and hemorrhage finally administer him sufficient blood as he has no family to convince him.

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  • Your writing skills (grammar / spelling)
  • Proper word count (between 150 – 250 words ONLY)

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