In your opinion, was he guilty?

Essay on The Hanging of Thomas Jeremiah. 900-1000This is a two-part essay.  In Part I, describe the circumstances leading to Thomas Jeremiah’s arrest, addressing the following questions.  Why were slave-owners like Henry Laurens determined to preserve the institution of slavery?  Why did slave-owners feel that the colonies’ revolution from Britain represented a threat to the institution of slavery?  Why, specifically, did Jeremiah pose a  threat?  Support your assertions with specificexamples from the book. In Part II, discuss the evidence for and against Jeremiah’s guilt.  In your opinion, was he guilty?  Why/why not? 

Start your essay with a short introductory paragraph, then organize it per the elements in the rubric below.  Note that the two parts of the essay are NOT weighted equally.  Do NOT include a conclusion, as Part II will serve as your conclusion.

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