in python please write program p3 37 from page 157 of the textbook write aprogram to 4944821

IN PYTHON Please write program P3.37 from page 157 of the textbook.Write aprogram to simulate a bank transaction. There are two bankaccounts: checking and savings. First, ask for the initial balancesof the bank accounts; reject negative balances. Then ask for thetransaction; options are deposit, withdrawal, and transferto. Thenask for the account; options are checking and savings. Then ask forthe amount; reject transactions that overdraw an account. At theend, print the balances of both accounts..Python code2. The outputof program (screensnip will suffice)for each of the followingtransactions:a.Deposit into Checking.Deposit into Savingsc.Withdrawfrom Checkingd.Withdraw from Savingse.Transfer to Checking.Transferto Savings.After all transactions are done, print descriptivemessage and balance in each account (Checking and Savings) . . .

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