in object oriented programming terminology an unexpected or error condition is a n 5128815

In object-oriented programming terminology, an unexpected or error condition is a(n) a. anomaly c. deviation b. aberration d. exception All Java Exceptions are a. Errors c. Throwabl es b. RuntimeExceptions d. Omissions

Which of the following statements is true? a. Exceptions are more serious than Errors. b. Errors are more serious than Exceptions. c. Errors and Exceptions are equally serious. d. Exceptions and Errors are the same thing. The method that ends the current application and returns control to the operating system is a. System.end() c. System.exit() b. System.done0 d. System. abort 0

In object-oriented terminology, you complete correctly. a. try b. catch

a procedure that might not

c. handle d. encapsulate

When a try block does not generate an Exception and you have included multiple catch blocks,


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