in netbeans implement your account class diagram created earlier complete the follow 5152869

In NetBeans, implement your account class diagram created earlier. Complete the following:

All sales accounts will have an account ID (accountId).
    You will need attributes to keep track of the number of hours (numberOfHours) and rate per hour of services provided (ratePerHour).
    You should also keep track of the number of items sold (numberOfItems) and the price per item for the sold supplies (pricePerItem).
    All classes should have a constructor.
    Add getters and setters to all of your classes.
    Override the method toString in all 3 classes.
    Add a method to calculate the sales in each class [calculateSales()].

    Your Java project should include 3 classes:,, and
    There should be implemented constructors for each class.
    The toString() method should be overridden to provide a readable string representation of each object.
    Getters and setters need to be implemented to enforce data hiding.
    The calculateSales() method should be implemented for all classes
Consider having the calculateSales() as an abstract method for the Abstract Account class.
    In addition, you need to create a test class that tests each subclass's constructor, toString(), and computeSales().
    You need to create an instance of each subclass.
    Input can be hard-coded or entered by the user.
    You need to call the method calculateSales() for each instance.
    You need to print each class info using its method toString().
    Code should be fully commented.
    Program flow should be logical.

Submit your zipped NetBeans project.

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