in c please write a class luckynumberchecker include a constructor that accepts an i 5150105


Write a class LuckyNumberChecker.

Include a constructor that accepts an integer named luckyDivisor

Add a virtual method named checkNumber that accept an integer named number and returns a string

If the number argument is evenly divisible by the luckyDivisor, return “This number is lucky”

otherwise, if the number is odd, return “This number might be lucky”

otherwise, return “this number is not lucky”

Write a class DoublyLuckyNumberChekcer that extends LuckyNumberChecker

Add a constructor that accepts two integers, luckyDivisor and superLuckyDivisor. Pass luckyDivisor to the LuckyNumberChecker constructor.

Override the checkNumber method to return “This number is super lucky” if it is evenly divisible by the superLuckyDivisor, otherwise return the same values as LuckyNumberChecker would have.

Write unit tests

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