in a closely held corporation which of the following lawsuits is likely to be brough 3699334

In a closely held corporation, which of the following lawsuits is likely to be brought by a minority shareholder on behalf of a corporation if the majority is acting illegally or oppresses the rights of the minority shareholders? O A. a derivative sut O B. a preemption suit O C. a petit suit E. a termination suit QUESTION 19 Which of the folowing statements is most likely to be true when the Federal Trade Conmission (FTC) is very laissez-fisire? O A. The FTC docs not regulate most advertising O B. The FTC tends not to regulate traditional frauds C. The FTC commissioners tend to be nore consumer-orient D. The FTC will increase the mauber of deceptive cases filed. s the role of markets in re E. The

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