in 2 to 3 paragraphs describe the c programwritten below what the program is suppose 5123600

In 2 to 3 paragraphs describe the C programwritten below (What the program is supposed to do). State therequirements for the program (How does the program meet therequirements) and discuss the logical process your program uses tomeet those requirements (The process steps to meet therequirements). #include int main() {

    //declaration and initialization ofvariables.

    int n=0, ran, count=0;     //initialize the random seed with time(NULL)to get random number each time

    srand(time(NULL));     //rand()%(max-min+1)+min generates the randomnumber within a range.

    ran=rand()%(20)+1;     //loop until n is not equal to randomnumber

    while(n!=ran) {

    //user to guess a number

    printf(“Guess the number : “);

    scanf(“%d”,&n);     //if the number is equal to the numberguessed, then print “Correct guess”


    printf(“Correct guess !n”);     //if the number guessed is greater than therandom number, then print “The guess was too high”

    else if(n>ran)

    printf(“The guess was too highn”);


    //if the number guessed is lesser than therandom number, then print “The guess was too low”

    printf(“The guess was too lown”);

    //count=Number of times the loop runs=Number ofguess made



    //once the correct guess is made, then the loopterminates.

    //print the number of guess made.

    printf(“Number of guess(es) made %d :”,count);

        return 0;

} . . .

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