im having problems undertanding the whole linked list concept this is for a c course 5188284

Im having problems undertanding the whole Linked List concept. This is for a C++ course. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Part 1: Your own Linked List
Design your own linked list class to hold a series of integers. The class should have member functions for appending, inserting, and deleting nodes. Don’t forget to add a destructor that destroys the list. Demonstrate the class with a driver program.

Part 2: List Print
Modify the linked list class you created in part 1 to add a print member function. The function should display all the values in the linked list. Test the class by starting with an empty list, adding some elements, and then printing the resulting list out.

Part 3: List Copy Constructor
Modify your linked list class from part 1 & 2 to add a copy constructor. Test your class by making a list, making a copy of the list and then displaying the values in the copy.

Part 4: List Reverse
Modify the linked list class you created in the previous programming challenges by adding a member function named Reverse that rearranges the nodes in the list so that their order is reversed. Demonstrate the function in a simple driver program.

Part 5: List Search
Modify the linked list class you created in previous challenges to include a member function named search that returns the position of a specific value in the linked list. The first node in the list is at position 0, the second node is at position1, and so on. If x is not found on the list, the search should return 21. Test the new member function using an appropriate driver program.

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