Identify the membership, mission, and goals of the group.

Topic: Collaboration and Teamwork.

In 500–600 words, address the following prompts:

Provide an example of an effective group or team at your place of work.

Identify the membership, mission, and goals of the group.

How does nursing leadership promote effective communication and interpersonal collaboration within this group?

Free of Plagiarism (Turnitin assignment)

APA Style.

About me…


I work in Rehabilitation Center that has a Psych Locked unit. It is an adult facility; I am in charge of care of 32 patients. I provide direct care to mental health patients, which includes facilitating social and emotional needs, supervising medication schedules and evaluating patient progress. Making nursing diagnosis of the medical and emotional status of patients and recommends treatment options. Consult with psychiatrists and other behavioral health staff in designing appropriate treatment plans for my patients. Administer and observe reactions to psychotropic drugs and other medications. Arrange further medical attention when necessary. Assist the patients in understanding the nature of emotional disturbances and accepting the need for treatment. Assist in maintaining a safe and secure environment for staff and patients. Creating and encouraging patients to take advantage of opportunities such as support groups, social activities and other therapeutic measures, as well as participating with patients where appropriate.

My scope of practice as a Nurse:

1. Nursing assessment: gathering of information about a patient’s physiological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual status.

2. Nursing diagnosis: A clinical judgment about human experience/responses to health conditions/life processes that exist in an individual, family, or community. An example of an actual nursing diagnosis is: Sleep deprivation.

3. Planning: planning is when the nurse identifies patient goals, plans the steps needed to reach those goals and creates an individualized plan with related nursing interventions.

4. Intervention: Nursing interventions are the actual treatments and actions that are performed to help the patient to reach the goals that are set for them.

5. Evaluation: to evaluate whether nursing care was effective. The nurse conducts evaluation measures to determine if expected outcomes are met, not the nursing interventions.

6. Teaching/discharge/clinical judgement.

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