Identifiyng Merchandise Sources

You will be sourcing for a men’s lifestyle boutique located in NE Minneapolis. This area is known as the arts and riverfront district in Minneapolis. I have included some links to information on the area to give you and idea of what the shopping space is like.

The store carries apparel, as well as a few home goods and gift items. Think pillows, throws, and barware. You will be sourcing apparel and home goods for this assignment.

You target market for this assignment is:

Gender: Male

Age: 25-40

Martial Status: Single

Kids: Possibly 1-2 kids

Education: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

Work: Marketing, Interior Design, Advertising, Event Planning

Interests: Enjoys shopping for antiques. Spending the day at a museum with a stop at the newest wine bar after or micro-brewery after. Checking out new restaurants. Travel that involves sight seeing. Lazy Sundays at the farmer’s markets with a stop at the local pancake house when he has his kids.

You are required to contribute two different types of vendor sources, one manufacturer and one wholesaler, in your journal.

Use the two websites listed in the Resources folder to find examples of the types of vendors discussed in this week’s lecture. Explain your selection. How do the colors, styles, and wholesale prices fit the retailer’s store image? Are there other reasons why you selected this manufacturer or wholesaler, such as terms of sale or other services available?

Your description for each vendor should be 150 to 250 words.

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