i sincerely hope the quality is good enough and the price can be as cheap as possib 3498955

*I sincerely hope the quality is good enough and the price can be as cheap as possible, since I might consider placing another order which links to this assignment and my previous assignment if this service is satisfying. Title: The quality of financial reporting
Field: ETHICS in Accounting
Word count: 1200 +/- 10%
Minimum marks must be met: 70%
Resources needed: 7 academic journals, you can use the resources from my previous assignment (annotated bibliography)*
*This task is linked to my previous assignment, I’ll attach my previous assignment original details and completed assignment after the bid.Details for this literature review:A literature review (LR) provides historical overview of theory, also known as a conceptual framework, and other literature on a research topic. According to Monash’s Language and Learning Online resource, a literature review may serve one of the following functions:to justify your choice of research question, theoretical or conceptual framework and method
to establish the importance of the topic
to provide background information needed to understand the study
to show readers you are familiar with significant and/or up-to-date research relevant to the topic
to establish your study as one link in a chain of research that is developing knowledge in your fieldIn this assignment, you will continue working on the research topic that you selected for your previous assignment* by demonstrating your ability to locate relevant sources, summarise, critically evaluate and synthesise key ideas in the materials youve selected and present your review in a well-organised style and structure.You should try and aim for a measure of criticality in your literature review. For instance, think of where you may interpret, evaluate, or compare and contrast between the different scholarly sources that you have chosen. You can also point out gaps in the literature where they may exist e.g. Learning objectives assessed:1 Demonstrate the ability to access, evaluate, interpret and use information appropriately from a variety of sources, especially within their disciplines.2 Employ skills and strategies for reading a variety of discipline-specific texts: textbooks, reports, research articles and others.3 Engage in critical and reflective thinking to respond to and construct academic discourses.4 Make appropriate choices regarding context, purpose, rhetoric structure, strategies, and style to communicate effectively for different audiences and academic communities.6 Revise and refine work in line with academic conventions, clarity and correctness.7 Demonstrate a degree of independence and integration of skills to produce a research paper in their discipline area.

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