i need the source code in c for the following write a program that determines if the 5188675

I need the source code in C++ for the following:

Write a program that determines if the user is a winner in a lotto game. A lotto ticket purchaser gets 10 tickets a week, always playing the same 10 5-digit number combos. The program will initialize an array with these numbers and then lets the player enter this week's winning 5-digit number. The program should perform both a binary search and a linear search through the list of the player's numbers and report whether or not one of the tickets is a winner that week. ( I have seen examples of the program with just binary or just linear searches; this needs to integrate both.)

The numbers to be used are as follows and the array must be created with the values in this starting order: 13579, 62483, 26791, 77777, 26792, 79422, 33445, 85647, 55555, 93121.

Once the program asks the user to input the winning 5 digit number, it should output whether or not they won.

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