i am trying to write a c program that creates a structure called components then cre 5154919

I am trying to write a C++ program that creates a structure called components, then creates a vector using the structure components and pass it by reference to a function called fileinput. Here is what I have for the structure section of code:

struct component // Structure to Hold Resistor Values


int id; // Integer Datatype 'id' Declaration

string type; // String Datatype 'type' Declaration

string vendor; // String Datatype 'vendor' Declaration

int value; // Integer Datatype 'value' Declaration


Here is where I need help, with writing the function prototype and definition and the passing of the vector. This is the way I have the prototype so far:

void fileinput(vector &); // Pass A Vector Of Components (Pass By Reference) ** Do I need a Variable or Parameter after the ampersand & ** ?

Then in the int main() function the vector is declared:

vector r1(0); // Component Vector Declaration To Store Data

The goal is to input a text file that has 3000 resistor values. In main() the vector is declared with the structure and the r1(0) is for the first row's data when the count is 0 I guess? This part was provided already in main().

Then lastly the function definition I have so far is:

void fileinput(vector& x) ** Should the ampersand & be placed directly in front of the parameter, like this: void fileinput(vector &x), or does it matter? **

The main objective of this post is to make sure I have the prototype written correctly before main() and the function definition header after main() written correctly. Thanks in advance for your help! Please Help!

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