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We are finally there! You have completed your exams, you are very close to graduating and finishing your university career. To end with a flourish we need a screaming degree thesis! But how to proceed, and above all, how do you ask a professor for thesis help? Here are our useful tips with examples and templates to write an email to a professor to ask for the thesis.

How do you ask a professor for thesis help?

Surely, during your studies, you will have been fascinated by numerous topics that have made you get the best grades in the exams. Well, it is a really good starting point: how about asking the professor for the thesis precisely that topic that most exalted you?

Well, that’s a really nice starting point: how about asking the professor exactly that topic that most excited you?

It could be an ideal starting point for the start of professional life after years of exams and study commitment.

If you are convinced, remember to overcome some bureaucratic boredom first and then catapult yourself to the creation of your final paper.

Reach the secretariat of your university, find out about all the steps you must take and now evaluate two fundamental aspects:

  • the choice of the supervisor/professor
  • the choice of the topic to be treated

All this can be solved with a simple e-mail to be sent to the professor.

Here’s how to do it:

 How to ask a professor for thesis help? 

Before starting, take advantage of this advice: play in advance, do not wait for the last exam but move at least a year before.

Why? As you well know, professors are full of university commitments and cannot be immediately at the complete disposal of a student. This is why they must be “approached” in advance so as to also understand the timing and methods of your supervisor: keep in mind that this process will accompany you until the end of your university career, so get used to the imposed rhythms!

Think well in advance about the topic to be treated, the topics you want to deepen, and how to develop, get the first idea and compare it with the professor. Take risks if you want, but you have to be original or motivated, maybe present a small list of potential topics to be covered and submitted for the approval of the professor.

The topic must reflect your interests! Keep in mind that an interested professor will help you for sure.

Then there is the supervisor, your real guide for this final path: it is a teacher or an assistant to the professor who will follow you, “step by step”, in the construction of your degree thesis.   Once the professor has consented to be the speaker, you can proceed with the bureaucratic procedure to follow for the request.


Each university has its own rules and you have to follow them in order not to waste precious time! Now let’s see everything concerning the interview for the request of the thesis to a supervisor.

Useful tips for writing an email:

Writing an email to a professor to ask for a thesis is not difficult at all, just follow a few guidelines and that’s it!

However, there are some rules to follow:

  • Avoid too high-sounding and rhetorical language
  • The text of the email must not be simple and discursive and too confidential
  • The ideal solution is to use formal language without falling into bombastic and outdated formulas
  • Always reread the email before pressing the “send” key. This is not a trivial matter, you will absolutely need to avoid typos or grammatical or typing errors that are always around the corner. It goes without saying that grammar and syntax are essential especially in a service communication like this. This is the only way you won’t give the professor a chance to get the wrong idea of ​​you.
  • Always take care of the subject of the email: the recipient must be able to immediately understand what you are talking about and what your goal is
  • Use the subject of the email: always enter it, compose it clearly, and include all the key information (e.g. your serial number and your name and surname).
  • Pay attention to your email: to write to a professor, use an active email address, which you usually use, and, more importantly, with your name and without nicknames and nicknames. You are asking a university professor for the thesis help, you are not ordering pizza at home!
  • It is very important to start on the right foot, therefore, take care of the beginning of the e-mail using titles (Eg. Dear Professor)
  • Always address the teacher using a courteous and professional tone

Now that we have seen some general guidelines, here are some email templates to customize to ask a professor for your degree thesis.


“Dear / Dear Prof. Rossi

I am Mario Bianchi, student of the degree course in Sociology,

I am about to finish my cycle of studies, I am writing to inform you of my interest in carrying out my degree thesis in your teaching of ( insert subject name ), given the positive result I achieved in the exam and my keen interest in the theme.

I remain at your complete disposal for any clarifications and awaiting your kind reply, I offer you my best regards. ”


Here, this is a classic text but we can give other examples.

If we want to ask for a preliminary meeting, for example, here’s how to write:


“Dear Professor Rossi,

I’m Mario Bianchi, a graduate student in Sociology. I am writing this email to inform you that I would like to choose your subject (name of the subject) for the degree thesis. For this reason, I ask you for the availability of a preliminary meeting in order to submit my project to you in a first interview. While waiting for your kind reply, I offer you my best regards. ”


Good luck!

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