how do you learn best prior to engaging in this discussion be sure to read view the 3801971

How Do You Learn Best

Prior to engaging in this discussion, be sure to read  view the Emotional intelligence in the classroom  and  Information literacy: The perils of online research videos, begin reading Chapters 1 and 2 in your text, and review any relevant Instructor Guidance. If you would like guidance on locating an article within the Ashford University Library, please watch this for helpful tips.  It is important to refer to the “Discussion Forum Grading Rubric” for guidance on how your discussion posts will be evaluated.

In an initial post of 450-500 words, begin by listing the five ways you currently believe you learn best (e.g., loud music playing, taking notes). After you have created your list, click the links below and take the following quizzes. Note: It is important to make your list prior to taking the quizzes so that you will have opportunities to reflect on potential disparities.

The measurements taken by these quizzes are only being used to help you identify how multifaceted and diverse learning is; they are not meant to endorse these surveys or guarantee their accuracy. Copy and paste your results from the quizzes into the forum beneath your initial list, take a moment to evaluate the different types of learning presented, and then address the following:

  • Are you surprised by your results on the assessments? Why, or Why not?
  • Name at least two behaviors you exhibit that support at least one of these assessment results.
  • Based on these results, critically evaluate your own behaviors. Are there behaviors you could practice that might help you learn better? List at least two behaviors you could change or traits you could develop in your own behaviors, and explain how they support your assessment results.
    • For example: “I could create flashcards because the assessments identify that visual learning comes easier to me.”
  • Describe how the information about multiple intelligences interacts with the associative behaviorist and cognitivist theories you have read about thus far.


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How Do You Learn Best?

When learning or studying for my exams, I employ different techniques that allow me to gain confidence that I understand what I am studying. For a long time, I have realized that I have the ability to undertake different tasks concurrently. Due to this, I love doing something else as I study for my exams and school work. I prefer listening to low soft music that is soothing as I study. In situations where I do not understand something, I prefer…………………

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