How do you explain Singapore’s economic performance since 1965

Please read the case, Singapore Inc. and then answer the following questions based on the case. Please answer the questions based on the case; you do not need to look for information from external sources to answer these questions:

1.  How do you explain Singapore’s economic performance since 1965? How, in particular, have business-government relations contributed?

(This is my part so just answer this question is fine. Write no more than one page)


Here are some important guidelines for your written case analysis:

  1. (1)  You should not conduct outside research for the case analysis. In fact, you should pretend that you are facing exactly the same situation and information presented in the case.
  2. (2)  Think of your case analysis as a consulting assignment that you are performing for the case firm. Thus, your audience for the case analysis is your client (an executive in the case firm) and your analysis should take the form of an executive briefing. Think about who your client is and what he/she would like to see in your report. The analysis must be professionally written. If you need help with the writing, please use the campus- writing center.
  3. (3)  Do not summarize the case unless the question specifically asks for it. The audience (your client) is very familiar with the situation and requires further analysis that goes beyond the information presented in the case.
  4. (4)  Focus and organize your analysis. Look for frameworks from the readings or class that help you organize and present your analysis.
  5. (5)  The best structure for your case analyses depends on the particular issues raised in the case that you analyze. The assignment questions for each case are a useful starting point for your analysis.

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