how do i determine the type that is read from a file in cprogramming i have a struct 5122896

How do I determine the type that is read from a file in Cprogramming I have a struct of type customer and inside i have int ID andchar password[]. I want to be able to write multiple customer IDand passwords into the same file so that the file looks somethinglike : 12345qwerty 37483asdfg 333666zxcvb i also want to be able to read the file and print something ifthe user logs in with that ID and password that matches one of thecustomer ID and Passwords in file. Main problems for me are: 1. reading the file so that the program knows where an ID startsand stops in the file aswell as where the password starts andstops. 2. How do i make it so that the ID and passwords that are nextto each other are belonging to a specific customer. Thank u . . .

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