how can i define name read in 7 test read pd csv quot test csv quot df tests drop co 5149534

how can i define name read?

In [7]: test-read.pd_csv(test.csv) DF-tests.drop(columns-[Alley,LotConfig, Landslope, MasVnrType, RoofStyle, Poo In [7]: test-read.pd_csv(“test.csv”) DF-tests.drop(columns-[“Alley”,”LotConfig”, “Landslope”, “MasVnrType”, “RoofStyle”, “PoolQC”, “ExteriorCondition”]) X-np.array (DF) X:20].astype(int) I NameB Traceback (most recent call last) in – 1 test- read.pdcsv(“test.csv”) 2 import numpy as np 3 import matplotlib.pyplot as plt get ipython().run_line_magic ('matplotlib', inline) 4 5 import pandas as pd NameError: name 'read is not defined

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