hey guys pliz help am confused scenario as a network specialist you have been appoin 5151840

Hey guys pliz help, am confused


As a network specialist, you have been appointed the network consultant to develop and implement a computer network system for a gaming lounge. The Management of the establishment has requested a network diagram for their review before the implementation. The establishment is at three sites (ie, Lusaka, Ndola and Livingstone). Lusaka branch has a single office which manages the central router that connects the Ndola and Livingstone sites. Each site currently occupies a single floor of a two storey building and will be partitioned into 3 main areas where the network system should be accessible. These include: Executive Office, Administrative office, Server room and Management. However, the network design should cover the second floor as well for each site.

The Executive office is to have 5 PC’s, administrative office is to have 10 PC’s, management is to have 10 PC’s whereas the gaming lounge will accommodate 30 PC’s. All of these areas are expected to increase in the number of PC’s once the business grows and the management highlighted their intention to occupy the second floor of the building as well. The management also specifically requested that the communications speed and network security for PC’s be given extra attention in particular those in the gaming lounge. Therefore in addition to the simulated working network and diagram, produce a report giving details of all the necessary hardware, software and technologies components to set-up the network system as requested by the management. Include the components of a network, assume the type of computer games, choice of pcs and vendor and why by comparisons, location of the gaming centre, switching technology used, network, transmission media and network devices, security and backup. The network flow plan must be justified for its arrangement eg..air flow, space etc. Security should include physical components. Use tables for comparisons, Time management software should be included as well as Server and client software and justify.


The Livingstone Branch LAN will use and will be subnetted into 3 networks

The Ndola Branch LAN will use and will be subnetted into 3 networks

Connections between the Lusaka and Ndola Branch will connect via using the 1st subnet

Connections between the Lusaka and Livingstone Branch will connect via using the 3rd subnet

RIP will be used as a routing protocol

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