hello i need help with the following your version of simmac will then run multiple s 5122406

Hello, I need help with the following: Your version of SIMMAC will then run multiple SIMMAC machinelanguage programs simultaneously. These programs will test theability of your SIMMAC to handle multi-tasking and scheduling. Youmust design your system such that all SIMMAC machine programs areloaded from text files. You must develop SIMMAC language programs to be run on yourSIMMAC machine. There must be at least three different programsthat exercise the system and of significant length to demonstratethe multitasking/scheduling ability of your system. You mustclearly document your programs so that it is clear as to the logicand intent of each SIMMAC language program. I need the text file to generate outputs on the SIMMAC (Java)program. . . .

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