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Harmony and Variety

Review the design principles on harmony and variety and write a one-page essay describing how harmony and variety are used in Wassily Kandinsky’s painting Improvisation 21A. Within the essay, be sure to address the following:

  • Include three ways the artist uses harmony
  • Include three ways the artist uses variety.
  • Incorporate at least three art terms from the Key Terms list that follows in your essay.Key terms: contour line, value, warm colors, cool colors, shape, repetition, pattern, motif, texture, rhythm, composition, unity, primary color, geometric shape, organic shape, dominance, balance, focal point.
  • Use bold type for your chosen terms for easy identification.
  • See image below

Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944), Improvisation 21A.

Reference: Retrieved with Permission from Encyclopedia Britannica Image Quest. Credit: De Agostini Picture Library / Universal Images Group: Rights Managed / For Education Use Only




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Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian born painter, is one of the abstract painting pioneers. He is known for his innovative theories and lyrical styles on nonfigurative art. His theories were mainly inspired by religious studies allowing him to have an intense relationship with color and music (Wassily, 2015).  …..


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