fuel plant explosion the fuel plant explosion that happened in pepcon near henderson 3746972

Fuel plant explosion

The fuel plant explosion that happened in (PEPCON) near Henderson, NV in 1998

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            The 20th century has been regarded as one of the most disastrous centuries in the history of mankind mainly because of the loss human lives and the injuries that many were subjected to. There were many industrial accidents such as the PEPCON explosion that was recorded in history and is rated to be among the worst industrial explosions ever. This explosion took place in Henderson, Nevada, in May 1988. There were subsequent explosions that took place that led to deaths, injuries and huge losses that amounted to millions of dollars. According to the investigations that were conducted there were various protective measures that were not put into considerations and that is why the accident took place, (Pitta, 2015).

Incident description

            The subsequent explosions are reported to have started at around midday where those around stated that the fire began around 11: 30 am. The fire started around the dryer in which the drying process takes place and it is said….

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