for this health law assignment refer new zealand legislation use apa 6th style for h 3498650

For this Health Law Assignment Refer New Zealand Legislation: Use APA 6th Style for health students not law students Health Law Assignment: Analyse the following case in relation to the five learning outcomes. Hannah is a dedicated health administrator. For her clinic, she is analysing the outcomes of the clinics patients with sexually transmitted diseases to understand rates of chlamydia. On a USB stick, she has listed patients names, ages, diagnoses and treatment. She planned to revise her analysis on the weekend at home. On Friday, she placed her USB stick with these patients information in her purse. On Saturday morning, Hannah took her purse to the gym and placed it in an unlocked locker. It was stolen. On Monday, the clinic manager called Hannah to report that he had received an anonymous phone call that morning at the clinic. The caller had recited details of a patient, including the patients name, diagnosis and treatment details, and hung up. If the patient contacts the clinic, distressed that she has been contacted by the same caller, what are the legal implications for Hannah and the clinic? No introduction or conclusion is required. Use the heading LO1, LO2, LO3, and LO4 to address the following learning outcomes as detailed in the assessment grid in the Booklet. LO5 relates to the academic standard. Apply all learning outcomes to the case. LO1: Demonstrate understanding of legal institutions and process in health care (500 words). The current Health Information Privacy Code, Privacy Commissioner and Human Rights Review Tribunal are relevant. LO2: Analyse the role of civil and criminal law on health care policy and practice (500 words). Examine whether there are potential criminal law implications to the case. LO3: Critique cases or legislation related to the current Health Information Privacy Code based on scholarly research (500 words). Discuss how the law (not the persons conduct) is relevant to the case could be improved for consumers, citing research. LO4:Examine the implications of case law and legislation for your current or future health care practice (500 words). State your occupation (Oral Hygienist)and whether it is registered (Yes it is registered). Explain the specific legal lessons learned by applying it specifically to your future practice. If you are becoming a registered practitioner, the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal may be relevant. Assignment guidelines 1. Follow APA (6th) presentation guidelines for referencing text, tables, and figures. 2. Use 1.5 line spacing. 3. Use an easily read font (e.g. Arial, 11 point). 4. Submit your assignment with a coversheet which includes the student ID, assignment title, paper name and number for which it is being submitted. 5. Assignments are generally marked electronically so normal margins are acceptable, i.e., 2.5 or 3 cm on the left, 2 or 2.5 cm on the right.

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