for this critique paper you are to synthesize and evaluate two short stories stephen 4962700

For this critique paper, you are to synthesize and evaluate two short stories (Stephen Kings “The Man in the Black Suit” and Joyce Carol Oates “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”). In synthesizing the sources, you want to determine how they relate to one another. Your thesis needs to present an argument about one or both of the stories. Remember that the point of an argument synthesis is to logically present your point of view (in this case in regard to one or both stories) and to support your point of view with facts (references to the two stories).
It might be helpful to think of this paper in two parts or in terms of your analysis of the two texts. First, you will be analyzing Kings short story. Consider your responses to it. What did you like or not like? Why? Are there particular ideas or themes that stand out as important to you? Is there a technique (or techniques) that King employs that you think he uses particularly well (or poorly)? Think about narrative, characterization, description and detail, and pacing. Next, examine Oates story considering the same questions. Also, ask yourself some questions about the two stories in relation to each other. Which do you like better? Why? What do the authors do differently? What do they do similarly? Your responses to the questions will help you to focus on an argument that you will make about the texts. Hopefully, you can see how this process will build on what you did in Paper One.
Your central argument for the paper can take a number of different forms. If you get stuck, consider the following questions for ideas, but bear in mind that they are pretty broad questions:
• Which story more effectively represents evil? Obviously, this is a subjective opinion. Your responses will vary based upon your view of evil and what is it like. For instance, is one manifestation of evil more frightening? Why?
• What effective techniques do the two authors use in the story and how do those techniques and their use influence the stories and their effect on readers?
• To what extent does the gender of the main character affect the story and how readers will engage with it? Does it alter how the protagonist and antagonist relate to each other? How?
• What impact does the difference in the structure and narrator of each story have on readers and/or the stories success or failure?
In writing this synthesis and evaluating the materials assigned, you should keep the following in mind:
• In addition to presenting your thesis and essay map, your introduction should include the authors and titles of the two stories.
• AVOID simple summaries. You can assume that the audience is familiar with the stories. Dont fall into the summary pit!
• Do NOT use first person (i.e. “I” or “we”) in the essay.

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