for the unit iv project and final submission you are to submit one of the following 3583235

For the Unit IV Project and final submission, you are to submit one of the following:

 Actors will rehearse and perform a monologue from the play chosen. You will upload your video to a private YouTube page and then submit a document to the professor with the page address and the password.

 Directors will submit a directorial concept paper. This paper is different from the World of the Play and focuses on how your particular production will differ from every other production ever presented. You will also discuss what you expect the designs to look like, how you will approach staging the actors, and what the purpose of your concept is. You must start your paper with the Conceptual Statement (i.e. “Romeo and Juliet is like a beating heart”).

 Scenic Designers will create a ground plan in one-inch scale and colored renderings of the set for three different scenes. These will need to be scanned and uploaded.

 Costume characters. These will need to be scanned and uploaded.

 Lighting Designers will need to create a designer’s statement discussing how the lighting will look. They will also need to submit colored renderings of five different scenes. These will need to be scanned and uploaded.

 Marketing Directors will submit a poster design, a program, and a study guide for high school students. The program should include a designed front cover, cast of characters, list of designers and technicians, and a Director’s note. The study guide should include information about the play, the theatre, and activities/discussion questions to be used in the classroom.

Each of these submissions, aside from the actor’s submission, must be at least two to three pages in length. This is to be considered separate from any other materials you submit (e.g., the ground plan, poster design, monologue, etc.).

This should be a representation of the knowledge you gained throughout Units I through IV.

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