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Main Elements:

To get full credit on this section of the rubric you need illustrate each element with multiple citations. To really dive into this topic and be thorough, I requested you use at least 5 citations and references.
Inquiry and Analysis:

For this section, you need an in-depth analysis. To explain any topic with depth, you need more research for an analysis. Use a minimum of 5 references from scholarly authors to present in depth information. Use in text citations to show what information came from which source.
Integration and Application:

Our work in class is about studying and researching health topics. You need to show that you’ve researched the topics. Provide in text citations and references to show what from your paper has been researched. Explain what you’ve researched in your own words to show you are applying concepts you’re learning.
Critical Thinking:

For full credit here you need to thoroughly defend with evidence and examples.

You need “many” scholarly sources incorporated within your paper for full credit here. Use at least 5 or more so it is considered “many”.
Writing (Mechanics/Citations):

You need to use APA formatting which includes in text citations to show where you retrieved your information in your paper.


A goal of Module Five is to educate students about methods that can be used to quit smoking and treat alcoholism. Please discuss whether you agree with the following statement: Tobacco use and alcohol abuse are more individual problems than societal issues, so the responsibility for smoking cessation or alcohol treatment belongs to the individual. Be sure to support your responses. I have attach a rubric to look at for the grading.

Discussion 2

5-2 Short Paper: Cigarette Packaging AssignmentTask: Submit to complete this assignment

Tobacco companies are required to include warning labels on cigarette packaging. It has been recommended that they illustrate the effects of cigarette smoking. These images are quite graphic; examples include diseased lungs and a man exhaling cigarette smoke through his neck by way of a tracheotomy hole.

Respond to the following questions:

1. How do you feel about these regulations?

2. Will this type of packaging make a difference in the number of people who smoke? If not, can you think of other ways to encourage people to quit or prevent others from starting this habit?

3. Do you think these kinds of labels should be used to deter people from purchasing unhealthy foods? For instance, should soda labels have pictures of rotting teeth?

For additional details, please refer to the Short Paper/Case Study Analysis Rubric document attach below

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