following are transactions and events of the general fund of the city of springfield 4124072

Following are transactions and events of the General Fund of the City of Springfield for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2015.1. Estimated revenues (legally budgeted) Property taxes$5,700,000Sales taxes 4,300,000Licenses and permits 1,500,000Miscellaneous 500,000 2. Appropriations General government $5, 400,000 Culture and recreation 4,500,000Health and welfare 1,000, 3. Revenues received (cash) Property taxes$5,285,000Sales taxes 4,500,000Licenses and permits 1,700,000Miscellaneous 800,000 4. Encumbrances issued (includes salaries and other recurring items) Estimated General government$5,300,000Culture and recreation 4,650,000Health and welfare 905,000 5. Goods and services received (paid in cash) Estimated Actual General government $5,300,000$5,296,000Culture and recreation 4,650,000 4,610,000Health and welfare 905,000 891,550 6. Budget revisions Increase appropriations: General government$140,000Culture and recreation110, 000 7. Fund balance on January 1, 2015, was $753,000. There were no out-standing encumbrances at that date. a. Record the transactions using appropriate journal entries. b. Prepare a budgetary comparison schedule for the General Fund.

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