focus on ethical considerations of the behavior analyst as teacher and supervisor in 3620788

focus on ethical considerations of the Behavior Analyst as teacher and supervisor. In preparation for your Discussion Team meeting,  please read:


Baer, D. M. (2005). Letters to a lawyer. In W. L. Heward, T. E.,Heron, N. A. Neef, S. M., Peterson, D. M. Sainato, G. Cartledge, R. Gardner III, L.D. Peterson, S. B. Hersh and J.C. Dardig (Eds.), Focus on Behavior Analysis in Education: Achievements, Challenges, and Opportunities (pp. 3-30). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice-Hall. [Link to: Baer 2005] 

You are already quite familiar with the work of Dr. Baer – a founder of our discipline and of the flagship ABA publication – the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. This reading, one of Dr. Baer’s final published works, presents valuable perspective on our roles and responsibilities as behavior analysts. Through these affidavits prepared by Dr. Baer while serving as expert witness, we read how Dr. Baer conveyed the application of principles of ABA to laypersons.

In your  Discussion  you will examine our role and responsibility as behavior analysts to our clients, parents, colleagues, and to the community.


 Part 1: Common Misunderstandings about ABA (10 points)


Consider each of the following discussion topics: 


Baer states, “ABA is a medical necessity for a child with autism.” What is meant by this statement? Why would Dr. Baer describe this perspective in this way? Do you agree? Why or why not?

Based on Baer’s review of student programs, list and describe quality indicators of ABA services that parents should look for – and educators, therapists, behavior analysts should ensure.

Identify (at least) three common misunderstandings about ABA as evidenced by the lawyers’ questions presented in this reading. Provide your Team’s clarifications or responses for these common misunderstandings.


Part 2: Guidelines for Responsible Conduct (10 points)


Review the BACB Conduct Guidelines for Behavior Analysts: BACB Guidelines for Responsible Conduct for Behavior Analysts


Which particular Guidelines were addressed in the affidavits presented by Dr. Baer in Letters to a Lawyer? You will note that several of the Guidelines are addressed in the approach Dr. Baer used to address the questions presented by the lawyers.

As a Team, select Guidelines that you found to be of particular relevance to Dr. Baer’s responses.

Include in your Team Discussion Summary a paragraph summarizing your interpretation of the relationship between the Guidelines for Responsible Conduct and the responses provided by Dr. Baer.

Prepare and submit your team discussion summary addressing the questions above, along with any other observations that your Team identified.

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