First, you must explain the basic concept of classical conditioning. USE YOUR OWN WORDS.

Paper #1

Due Via Blackboard

Classical conditioning is evident in several aspects of our everyday lives. For this assignment, you will be asked to describe a personal example of classical conditioning. The example you describe may be fictional as long as it meets the requirements of the assignment.

CFirst, you must explain the basic concept of classical conditioning. USE YOUR OWN WORDS. Cite anyone else’s work you may use, although citations aren’t a requirement and should be minimal.

Then you can briefly describe your example. Be sure to identify the UCS, UCR, CS, and CR. EXPLAIN IN YOUR OWN WORDS WHAT THESE ITEMS ARE AND THEN LIST THEM IN YOUR EXAMPLE. (If your example is a form of higher-order conditioning be sure to list each CS).

Next, you will need to explain three other variables involved in classical conditioning and then describe how they each played a role in your personal example of the conditioning process (if they didn’t really happen- describe how they would). See below for a list of variables to choose from, be sure to include at least one of the last 4 on the list.

Variables to choose from include:



Intertrial interval

Spontaneous recovery


Trace or delayed conditioning (the pairing of CS and UCS)


Latent inhibition


Sensory preconditioning

* You have to include at least one of the items in yellow in your example of your 3 variables

Each paper should be approximately 2-3 pages in length and should be typed using Times New Roman 12-pt. font. Papers should also be double-spaced with one-inch margins on all sides. All papers must be turned into Blackboard by 12midnight on the night the paper is due. Since the assignment is posted well in advance of its due date, no late papers will be accepted.

If you have any questions regarding the assignment, you may come see me during my office hours or send me an email. BE SURE TO USE YOUR OWN WORDS! (NO PLAIGARISM) Good luck!

Grading Rubric (out of 50 pts.):

· Explanation of classical conditioning – 10 points

· Example of classical conditioning – 10 points

· Explanation of 3 variables involved in classical conditioning– 10 points

· Relevance of 3 variables to personal example – 15 points

· Spelling and Grammar – 5 points

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