Find one aspect that is beautiful and inspires awe. In what ways is science and the art of nature compatible?


1. The physicist Nima Arkani-Hamed quoted in Scientific American states that ”Despite all this, I don’t want scientists to abandon their talk of beauty. Anything that inspires scientific thinking is valuable…”  Let’s take part in some of that valuable thinking. Do some research and discuss one aspect of nature that you find beautiful. How is the science in this enhance its beauty?

2. Take a moment today to look outside and notice the nature that is around you. Find one aspect that is beautiful and inspires awe. In what ways is science and the art of nature compatible? What thoughts do you have as you take notice of the nature’s beauty around you?

3. Does the beauty of nature motivate a desire to conserve its biodiversity? What are some other reasons we should seek to steward the vast variety we see on planet earth?


2 peer review

Carlos Jimenez 



One piece of nature that I find beautiful is the animals. In my opinion, they are the most important aspect that makes nature a whole and also functions properly with everything else. Another thing that makes animals important is by the way we connect with them, in a way we are connecting with nature more profoundly. The science enhances its beauty due to the processes that are affected by animals, “Some animals help to bring out the nutrients from the cycle while others help in decomposition, carbon, and nitrogen cycle”  (EPN Staff, 2014). This is just an example of what some animals can do; there are various tasks that are filled by animals around us to keep the environment functioning. Another reason is we have learned so much from them. For example, the information that we have gained from fossils has given us a better understanding of evolution and history.

Mostly every time when I’m leaving for work, I see ducks all around my apartment complex, especially when the baby ducklings are hatching. All you see is a family of 6 or more ducks crossing from one side of the sidewalk to the sidewalk. Everyone stops and lets them take their time, and the mother is always making sure even the last one moves quickly. It is a moment that you truly see the beauty of nature. You ask yourself many questions, how did animals come to adapt to humanity? Or how are they able to deal with all these obstacles and still perform their role as they are meant to do? The ways that make science and art compatible are many. One similarity, but also difference can be art is used in a way it represents nature in a graphical style showing how everything works together. While science goes more in-depth into the microorganisms and functions of cells, it still paints a picture just like art for us to understand how everything functions. Professor of Biology and Neuroscience, Dave Featherstone stated, “Both artists and scientists strive to see the world in new ways and to communicate that vision” (2016).

Yes, the beauty shouldn’t only motivate us to take care of the different species and things in nature, but should also make us more aware of things that we do can have consequences for all of us. One small change can have a dreadful effect on our future. Another reason why we should protect or try to keep nature the way it is, is because as we keep advancing most of these animals and plants would go extinct. Some are vital to keeping the environment and humanity working the way it is.

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Cesar Pacheco 


(1) One of the things that I find beautiful in nature are sunrises and sunsets. Really like how amazing are they? Specially right when the sun is on the horizon and all you can see is pretty much orange and then for a split second, right when the sun is setting you see this so called “green flash”. I was able to see this and experience it in the middle of the ocean when i was in the US Navy on deployment. It was truly spectacular. This flash is caused by the refraction of sunlight, when the sunlight travels more through the Earth’s atmosphere. The atmosphere bends the light passing through it and separates it into different colors, much like a prism bends and splits sunlight into rainbows, according to Cornell University (Zimmerman, 2019). This varies on the wavelengths of the different colors of lights, which leaves green as the most visible during those few seconds. The beauty in this is remarkable because this phenomenon is not something that everyone has sen or been able to experience. There are so many things in this world, in these forests or different areas that everyday people have not been able to see. This is one of those things that if you have not seen you want to see because of the beauty of it.

(2) I find it crazy how we can adapt as humans and how nature can adapt. I live in the city, pretty much right next to the harbor in San Diego. I find it amazing how theres an island, the harbor and the major city. Its amazing how we’ve managed to be able to live how we do. Its beautiful to see the dolphins jump out of the water and the seals as well, and see the birds fly over us, its just truly all amazing. Theres been many whale citings here and you would never expect that so close to land. Nature is a beautiful thing.

(3) I definitely think nature motivates to conserve its biodiversity. Without nature, there would be no life, period. Were able to breathe because of trees. Were able to drink water because of mountains and condensation, evaporation. Were able to eat because of the animals and plants and life on this earth. Our national parks are one of the most beautiful things on this planet. Things of that importance should be preserved and taken care of. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Zimmermann, K. A. (2019, January 03). Green Flash: The Beautiful and Elusive Sunset Phenomenon. Retrieved from

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