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Final Masters paper!


Research Paper Guidelines:

A written research paper in APA format, 6 – 10 pages of content (NOT including the cover page or reference page).

HR Policy and the implementation of policy vary based on organizational norms and adherence and interpretation of the relevant federal and state laws.  Throughout the course, we have discussed important policy issues and the political, legal, social, ethical, and organizational ramifications.  Your readings have provided a basis for the trends of the future and current issues in HR Policy.

With the knowledge gained, you are tasked to represent the Board of Directors of your organization in your selected industry. You are the top management team of the organization located (your choice of locations).  You believe that productivity, quality of product, innovativeness, profitability (and/or cost-effectiveness), and morale are much lower than they should be to meet the competitive and social challenges of the year 2019 and beyond.  You will present a statement of management philosophy and a sketch of the basic human resources policies and procedures you believe will lead to the goals you seek. Members of the Board of Directors will be looking at (1) the soundness and innovativeness of your recommended program, (2) evidence of industry-study, interviews (if available), and library research, and (3) the quality of your presentation.

Students must have a minimum of three (3) refereed journals found in the online library included in the reference page about the policy and implementation.  The paper should include an assessment of the student’s current organizational demographics (If you are not working or do not have a frame of reference, you can research an organization through the online library or that is researched and potential impact using the following outline:

Parameters for the organization:

·      You are free to describe the organization with which you will be associated. You will need to provide some level of detail of your organization.  Use your general knowledge, coursework, and research to accomplish this.

·      Even though you are required to provide general organizational details, your primary function is human resources.  Analyze based on this premise.

·      Assume that a core group of managers and employees (approximately 250) are already in place.

·      Your organization can produce a product or service.

Requirements for the Overview of the organization:

·      Descriptioganizational chart.

·      How does the organization operate?  How are the tasks/work projects accomplished?

·      Is the organization domestic or international?  Locations?

·      Who are the competitors?

·      What are the factors that you believe are critical to success in this organization?

·      What is the culture like?

·      How is information communicated?

·      Why would people want to work for this organization?

Requirements for Policies

·      Present a statement of management philosophy.

·      Develop the rationale for policies and procedures that you feel are needed to achieve the organizational goals.  Minimally, policies on sexual harassment, promotion, and dismissal should be included.  Include relevant legal issues.  This rationale must be supported by relevant research; not just your opinion on what is needed.

·      Develop a minimum of 5 actual policies to be included in appendices.

·      Analyze implications and draw conclusions.

·      Provide recommendations to include the rationale for selecting the policies and the impact on the organization.

·      Provide a plan of communication for implications.
Minimum of 3 scholarly peer-reviewed journals must be included (I expect an extensive reference list of at least 10 references (books, journals, interviews, etc.) to be included).

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