Explain what measures can be taken and the most appropriate/effective way to carry them out.

Analyze a recent mass shooting which occurred in the US. Research and explain what transpired in detail and the aftermath. Research how the guns were obtained, if there were red flags before the mass shooting, the media coverage surrounding it, and the politics involved (NRA, law enforcement, and legislators).

Examine and compare, using the information acquired throughout this semester, what changes or enhancements (if any) can be made to prevent or make it more difficult for it to reoccur. What can and should we do to keep safe? Explain what measures can be taken and the most appropriate/effective way to carry them out. Elaborate your thoughts objectively and clearly. Use facts and statistical data to justify your argument.


Paper must have the following/ What I expect:

Specialized Knowledge:

Evidenced deep understanding and scholarly thinking in at least two ways: Provided a thoughtful and relevant reflection specific to course focus. Correctly used terminology and concepts from assignment-related theories, literature, and research. Applied concepts and theories to a real problem or issue. Displayed thinking on one of the highest levels: critical, creative, evaluative, integrative, explanatory, scientific, etc. Addressed a relevant ethical issue. Recognized or compared diverse perspectives or cultural differences.

Course Application:

Provided specific examples which illustrated an understanding and application of concepts addressed

Focus of Topic:

Assignment has an intentional focus relevant to the area of study: Focus is clear and well-established throughout the paper. Supporting research are synthesized and used appropriately to establish relevance and support within the paper. In-depth discussion and analysis of the topic is provided.


Integrated new knowledge with prior knowledge and/or what is believed to be common knowledge versus facts.

Scholarly Writing and Completion:

Met or exceeded writing expectations by showing all of the following: Included a clear introduction and conclusion for submission. Organized or arranged information to promote understanding using headings, subheadings, bullets, diagrams, tables, background shapes for text, a suitable design template. Minimal errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Used original language, including paraphrasing, and 50% or less quoted information. Required areas for assignment were addressed. All required areas of assignment were included. Minimum page lengths or slide word counts were met if applicable. Minimum number of professional sources cited and referenced.

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