Explain how you will mitigate this in your decision-making.

The objective of this assignment is to demonstrate the ability to apply key course concepts to real world scenarios. Identify 2-3 possible solution alternatives for your problem you identified in week 1. You are to identify and examine barriers that hinder objective analysis and evaluation of decision-making. Begin this by completing the chart below.  Providing a brief summary of the decision alternative in each alternative cell in the table.  For each alternative fill in the barrier cells with a brief description of the barriers that could be encountered in the evaluation of that alternative

After completing the table:

1. Discuss the impact of overconfidence on making effective decisions.  Explain how you will mitigate this in your decision-making.

2. Identify biases that impeded effective decision-making.  Explain how you will mitigate these in your decision making.

3. Evaluate confirmation tendencies that promote ineffective decisions.  Explain what you can do to mitigate this from happening to you in this decision.

4. Identify and explain the factors of bounded awareness that may compromise effective decision-making in your decision at hand.  Discuss how you will mitigate this from impacting your decision.

For the addressing of the four questions, this can be completed in question and answer form, but the responses to each question should be fully developed into paragraphs (at least 5 sentences).  Support assertions using in-text citation per APA requirements.  Overall APA style requirements of title page, font, spacing, reference page must be adhered to.

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