explain how organization culture differs in different organization.

Please write a research paper for the following questions. The paper needs to APA format, this topic will rely upon the information in the textbook, the material you have been additionally taught in class by the professor, and additional research from at least 12 credible sources(not Wikipedia). The performance expectation is that you will clearly and credibly explain, content needs to be meaningful Master’s level academic writing. Write up to 2500 Words

·     Introduction: In about 600 words, explain What is organization culture? Any self-experience from past, any good example of organization culture. How culture impacts an organization’s structure, systems, and workplace climate.

·     In about 900 words, explain how organization culture differs in different organization. Give a strong comparison and understanding as per the theories of organizational culture.

·     In about 900 words, explain and show how different organizational cultures can affect the structure of the organization and define what types of structures there are. Give an example to support your arguments.

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