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Examine the Training Department Organizational Structure Scoring Guide to ensure that you will meet the requirements for this assignment. Read the documents linked in the assignment Resources about DNA's mission and vision, their organizational structure, and their product lifecycle. Also review the Final Report course project description for background on DNA. Review the models of organizing the training department that are discussed in the Noe text in Chapter 2, beginning with The Corporate University Model (Figure 2.5). Select a model that would be appropriate for DNA and answer the following questions: Why is this model a good fit for DNA? Are there any changes you would suggest to tailor this structure to DNA's training department and business strategy? Briefly justify your decision, including the pros and cons of that structure. Describe how the structure of the training department aligns with the DNA's mission and vision. Based on your research from your discussion post this week, identify and analyze the questions that you believe will provide the greatest insight in helping to understand both the company's strategic direction and available training resources. Other Requirements: DNA'S MISSION AND VISION Vision DNA provides service that is responsive, supportive, and cooperative, and is delivered with professionalism through ethical behavior, collaborative practice, and respect for all participants in the process. Our organization builds its foundation on integrity in both business practice and intellectual presentations. We seek to continually engage ourselves with the re-engineering of health care education to new levels that keep pace with the constant changes of the medical industry by challenging our efforts with imagination, creativity, and enthusiasm in all we do. Mission Statement The purpose of DNA is to educate existing practitioners on the effective use of new drugs brought to market. Its focus is to elevate the existing knowledgebase of healthcare providers whose responsibility it is to improve patient care through educational practice . Aside from the scheduling and administrative work required to set up a practitioner event, DNA displays its main product at these eventsthe presentations. There are three major departments responsible for the tasks that bring a presentation to event status. These departments are Editorial, Medical, and Graphics. When the Editorial department completes the initial presentation draft, it sends the draft to the Medical department who proofs it for accuracy. Edits are returned to Editorial. The presentation is sent back to Medical for a final review and sign-off. Graphics then designs and develops the final presentation. Finally, following each practitioner event, evaluations are distributed to practitioners to: Assess absorption of subject matter. Appreciate practitioners perspective on presentation and materials. Identify improvements for the delivery process. Introduction to Your Role at DNA DNA trains existing practitioners on the best way to communicate with patients about dosage and usage of selected drugs. There are close to 75 formal presentations made each month by DNA to respective practitioner clients who pay to be educated on new FDA drugs released for the well-being of their patients. DNA was started five years ago and has succeeded in the marketplace despite their lack of a well-developed training department. In fact, at this point, they only have one human resources manager. The company's staff has grown over 200 percent in the last year. They are now experiencing some growing pains, and leadership is beginning to see the need for an established training department. You have been brought on as a consultant to recommend how this department should be developed. The president of the company, Mr. Shigotz, has expressed the importance of the new training department showing a ROI. It is clear that the training program will lose the support of management if ROI is not a consideration in your strategy. Your final report on leadership will outline the steps and obstacles involved in developing the training department and meeting immediate training needs.


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