English Composition 2 Week 1 Written Response



  • Read Boyd (2019). “Wikipedia as a site of knowledge production”. In R. Bullock & M.D. Goggin (Eds.), The Norton field guide to writings with readings (5th ed., pp. 816-822). W.W. Norton.
  • Answer “Engaging with the Text,” Question 2 on p. 822. (See Below)
  • Your response should be 200+ words.
  • Be sure to quote, cite, and reference Boyd’s essay.
  • Additional outside sources are optional.

(Question #2) The primary audience for boyd’s evaluation is teachers, though parents and students would also benefit from it. Is her evaluation effective for this audience? Why or why not? How might it change if she were targeting students instead, or parents who don’t want their children “confused” by conflicting interpretations of historical events?


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