elements, activities, and impacts of intercultural training and abilities

Purpose: The purposes of this assignment are to enhance your understandings in the elements, activities, and impacts of intercultural training and abilities to: (1) analyze various cultural settings in terms of their critical elements, (2) comprehend culture shock and cross-cultural adjustment process and identify ways to prepare for them, and (3) explain the significance of ethnicity, race, gender, class, and sexual orientation in human development and family life.

Format:You will

(1) select a person who has a significantly different cultural background (please focus on ethnicity or nationality difference) from yourself,

(2) draft a list of questions to learning about the difference and how it affects his/her communication and lifestyle and the process of coping culture shock and cross-cultural adjustment,

(3) conduct an interview, and

(4) write a report that mirrors some of the topics addressed in the class with the addition of a section on how this person’s cultural norms compare with your own.

The paper should be no less than 1,500 words (not include cover page and references) as measured by Microsoft Word’s word counter. You may start to talk a little bit about the interviewee (no need to reveal the name unless you have his/her approval to do so) and the reason why you decided to interview this individual. Review the grading rubric before beginning the work.

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