Elaborate a complete Profile of ONE endangered species of your choosing (GRAY WOLF).

Research paper

Elaborate a complete Profile of ONE endangered species of your choosing (GRAY WOLF). In the Florida List species are cited as either endangered or threatened.

Based on the information that you gather you will Asess and Classify your species using the IUCN categories explained in the document provided (Pages 14- 15) or IUCN website (www.iucn.org ). This is a more detailed and international system than the one used for the list.

Under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), species can be listed as either endangered or threatened, but the IUCN provides a more accurate approach to classifying the status of a species.


The structure is going to be as follows. You should also use subheadings under Methods and must be used to break down the Results.



Mention what you are going to do.

Material and Methods

How the work was done.

Results (Profile)

Include graphs, maps, tables, pictures and descriptions.


Details of Structure


Introduction is sometimes called the State-of-the-Art chapter, so please use two or three paragraphs to introduce your topic, in this case your species, why it is endangered, it ́s taxonomic position, it ́s a Bird, a Mammal, a Plant, etc… It ́s importance beyond the fact that it ́s a key species, if it is the case, like economic importance.


Mention what you are going to do. You are going to make a Profile as complete as possible, on a local (statewide preferably) species giving preference to updated information about it printed or online, and then you will make an assessment of such species using the IUCN categories available at the IUCN website.

Material and Method

It means Procedures. How the work was done, when and where. This is a home- based Project, or Library based, for which several websites as well as printed papers and books are consulted. It was done during the Spring Semester for the Bio 2010 class, at the MDC Kendall Campus.

Results (Profile) (Must have the following components):

Distribution: Inside and outside the US. Please include maps! Distribution and Abundance are Critical topics in order to declare a Species as


Abundance: How many individuals are usually found on natural populations. Make an emphasis on the genetics implications of Endangerement, decrease of diversity leading to diseases, etc.

Biometry: Measurements available on the web, papers or books you review. You are encouraged to make charts out of those measurements.

Morphology: Description of the species including pictures. Emphasize remarkable aspects!

Comments or Remarks: Data on economic importance or other. 2

Assessment: According to IUCN categories, but proposed by you as a Team or Individual. It doesn’t have to be accurate, but please justify your decision.


Don ́t forget we must cite the sources that you used for elaborating the Profile or making the assessment.


Paper must be at least 6 full pages to a maximum of 12 pages that is written on Arial, Size 12, double- spaced and in APA format but without an Abstract. All research material is to be included and properly cited when the paper is turned in for the rough draft evaluation (If you send it in advance!) and the final.

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