education majors and those intending to work with P12 populations)

Assignment A (education majors and those intending to work with P12 populations):  For K12 education, there is a growing demand for teachers to integrate technology for teaching and learning. Like much of the curriculum in K12, there are also standards to provide criteria and guidance for the integration of digital media and technology for learning. The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is responsible for developing standards and guidelines for technology integration. ISTE also supports the National Educational Technology Standards for student and teachers. Much of the curriculum of this course is centered on the NETS 2008 standards for teachers and is designed to help you (as current or future teachers) foster your understanding and integration of technology for meaningful learning.

Review the ISTE Website, the NETS Website and the NETS for Teachers and the NETS for Students. You will find links below. Familiarize yourself with the standards. Compose a short paragraph summary of what you have learned (100-200 words).

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