Discuss why it is important to include policy and law in the study of health care and public health.  

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See this week’s two Learnscape topics and describe any of the course content you can use to make connections between the readings and the role you will play in the scenario. What connections did you make? Discuss why it is important to include policy and law in the study of health care and public health.

Subject 1: Policy Analysis and DevelopmentYou are in a health care policy internship program in a Senator’s office in Washington, D.C. The Senator wants to develop policy that requires all health care organizations that receive federal funds to implement the recommendations presented in the Institute of Medicine reports on quality care. You will develop a policy, so that it can become proposed legislation. To do so, you must collect data, describe the problem, solutions and related ethical issues, examine the cost-benefit analysis, identify stakeholders (such as lobbyists from American Hospital Association, health care providers, health care corporations, pharmaceuticals, insurers, etc.), and impact. Based on this information, you will create a policy description that will be the foundation for a bill.

Subject 2:

You are an intern working with the Senator’s team to get the bill (based on the policy created in Learnscape 1 – Policy Analysis and Development) passed. You must follow the legislative process to select committees, identify stakeholders, communicate with health care providers about their role, and identify key departments who will be responsible if the bill is passed.  Within this Learnscape, you will need to apply concepts such as how others influence the process, for example, health care providers who write letters, telephone and make personal visits to senator’s office.  You should understand that this is the responsibility of a health care professional.  Also, you must be able to articulate why the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is the agency chosen to implement the law and develop the regulations, what the regulations are, and why they are important.

Required Textbook:​Essentials of Health Law and Policy, 3rd ed

​​​Publisher:  Jones and Bartlett

​​​Authors:  Joel B.Teitlbaum and Sara E.Wilensky

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