dexatrim sonnet on a european vacation by russell dillon it s an analysis paper for 3744620

Dexatrim Sonnet on a European Vacation by Russell Dillon

it’s an analysis paper for a poem by Russell Dillon called Dexatrim Sonnet on a European Vacation in the book External Patrolpoem should be broken down to find a meaning

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Poem Analysis

            Poetry is a compacted language that expresses complex feelings. The poem, “Dexatrim Sonnet on a European Vacation” by Russell Dillon describes a life of the persona and the life he faces. Each sentence in the poem has a meaning that demonstrates the life and challenges that the persona faces. In the first stanza of the poem, the persona begins by describing the beautiful life he embraces. In general, the persona is clearly addressing to someone close to him as well as the nature that surrounds him. Based on the poem, it is evident that people……………….

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