Develop the overall context to guide your decision making

ECT424/IS324 Assignment One: WordPress Site Context

Assignment: Due class 3 Total Points: 10 points

Develop the overall context to guide your decision making. You don’t need to go into complete

branding detail (and it doesn’t have to be real). The point of this is that once you have a context, you

can make meaningful decisions about your extensions and other site features. You will build your site,

making decisions about layout and plugins – to reinforce this context.

a. You may choose to use the background of TimesRUs to develop the context for your site

or you may choose to develop a new context. Examples are sites that support HR

functions, or Sales functions, or Store Layout activities. It doesn’t really matter, as long

as you have a context and a purpose. Please see below for more information.

b. Post this document to D2L dropbox.

Additional Background

Think in terms of one of the many possible types of sites you think the organization (TRU) will need: it

could be a project status type site, it could be an internal news site, or anything else you think works for


It must have a central community as the focus though (using a Blog as the communication method –

the more focused the community, the easier to develop the context). Once you’ve decided on your

community, then you can develop 2 or 3 use cases (stories about the types of people who would use the

site, and how they would use it), describe who would be responsible for creating the content (making

posts in your mythical context, we both know in reality – YOU will be writing the content), the type of

content, and who would be making comments. You should also describe what you want people to get

out of your site (why they would come back). Make sure that this is appropriate to TRU or whatever

organization/community you chose to develop for. This should be a long range site (so not a single


You may choose to develop a context that is not associated with TRU. I reserve the right to reject any

non-TRU site concepts. Examples are blogsites about Home Brew Beer, Bread, Thai Restaurants,

personal portfolio sites, Dance in Chicago, French people in Chicago etc. There really is no limit, as long

as you can answer the questions above and it is NOT geared to a single event (your wedding for


Please be sure to explain the purpose behind your blog site (why spend the money/time to do this).

If you are an experienced WordPress/Blog administrator, you may choose to install BuddyPress (or

similar social networking environment). If you are an experienced WordPress blogger you can use this

opportunity to try some new things. You can NOT just use your current blogsite.

For those of you who don’t want to go creative, use TRU as a fallback.

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