develop a persuasive focus and then support that focus by offering specific examples and details along with relevant research

Topic: Heart Disease Progression in African Americans 65 years of age and older

Research Essay: Again, this assignment asks you to reevaluate and research elements of our relationship with media and technology that might benefit from research and public attention.  Your project should:

  • develop a persuasive focus and then support that focus by offering specific examples and details along with relevant research;
  • attempt to persuade a specific audience, who may or may not be aware of the issues, to accept (if not agree with) your perspectives; and
  • synthesize a minimum of six sources to offer an in-depth discussion of the cultural issue which you are evaluating.

Getting Started: Your focus will be persuasive by making a claim about and evaluating the social/cultural problem you have chosen. Your focus should offer a subject plus a point of significance about the subject.  Remember, neither a statement of fact (homelessness + is a big problem in America) nor a statement of taste (technology + is great) constitute a persuasive focus.

Rhetorical Considerations: The audience that you tailor your essay to will be left up for you to decide. We will discuss in the coming days how your sense of audience will greatly contribute to the overall style and voice you choose to incorporate into your essay. It may help to envision your audience as a friendly, but dissenting voice—someone who is curious about your topic but who may not wholly agree with your point of view. To write a convincing essay for such an audience, you will need to explore your chosen issue in some depth. You should develop your essay carefully by choosing supporting information through research and by offering specific examples and details.

Putting It Together (Rubric):

Your essay should be thesis-driven, integrate at least six (6) sources, and provide appropriate evidence to support your position. A successful essay will meet the following criteria:

  • THESIS (3pts): Provides a clear thesis that frames your essay and makes a strong, arguable claim (a nuanced thesis statement)
    • Is soundly structured with logical reasoning and evidence (logos) (3pts)
    • Includes effective, empathetic, and accurate response to opposing views (pathos) (3pts)
    • Builds credibility by being thoroughly researched and providing detailed evidence (ethos) (3pts)
    • Provides context of the cultural moment and gestures toward the larger implication of the issues being addressed (why it matters and what is at stake) (Kairos) (3pts)
  • MECHANICS (3pts): Demonstrates effective college-level writing with varied sentence structure and few grammatical errors. Paragraphs and overall essay is well-organized. Sources are cited correctly.
  • ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY (2pts): Revised annotated bibliography reflects current research, contains all sources cited in the essay, including six sources with annotations, and is correctly formatted.

Must be at least 8 pages (Times New Roman 12 Double-space)

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